Adoption Requests are when contributors want to become a position in the user groups such as admins or bureaucrats. Communities can only be adopted by an active community member, though, so before you post your request please be sure you meet the Adoption guidelines listed below.

Adoption Guidelines
Are you contributing to

the wiki often?

If you are becoming inactive in the wiki, you will not be

chosen for adoption.

Have you been blocked? If the user has been blocked previously, it is a likely chance

the user will not be picked.

Do you think it is right for

you to be adopted?

If you think you are not ready or not contributing enough, you

shouldn't be asking for a position just to show you are in a user group.

Are you building the Wiki? Try to add more and do more things then edit pages. Talk with others,

write blog posts, create new pages. If a contributor is not doing this,

they are not eligible.

Assume good faith. Always believe that a user would be contributing nicely. If you see that

they have done harm on other wikis, tell an admin and they would look

out on the user. Action would be taken if necessary.

IMPORTANT!-Before you are able to ask for a user group, you must be following the Rules in this Wiki and must follow the guidelines above. Below is the rank of each user group.

Guidelines to Become a Rollback

  • You must have fixed one edit.
  • You can be called anytime after joining
  • You need to have 50 edits or more
  • You can only have one Warning
  • You can be approved by any user group except Rollbacks.(Note that if they are both a rollback and something else, it is allowed.)

Guidelines to Become a Chat Moderator

  • You can only have one warning
  • You must watch over chat (Discussions, blog posts, user chats, etc.)
  • Must have 100 edits or more
  • Must be approved by rank Custodian or above.
  • You must be active and Working on the Wiki for 1-2 months

Guidelines to Become a Custodian

  • You must not have any warnings or have a history of being blocked
  • You must be working on the Wiki for 3 Months
  • You need 300 edits or more
  • You must be organizing and editing pages for 2 weeks
  • You need to be approved by an Admin.

Guidelines to Become an Admin

  • You cannot have any Warnings or blocking history
  • You must have 800 edits or more (Unless otherwise stated)
  • You must be an active user
  • You must have been working on the Wiki for 6 Months (Unless otherwise stated)
  • You can only be Approved by a Bureaucrat or Approved Admin.

Guidelines to Become a Bureaucrat

  • No Warnings or Blocking history
  • You must have either been a Custodian or Admin before
  • You must have 1,000 edits
  • You must have been working on the Wiki for 8 months (Unless otherwise stated)
  • You can only be approved by the Founder or Approved Bureaucrat
  • You must be a highly trusted user
  • Admins and Bureaucrats will discuss to see if they think you are legible.


If you want to join a user group, contact an admin and they'll add you to the staff page under those planning to join the user groups.
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