Blocking/Banning is the method by which administrators or bureaucrats technically prevent users from editing and/or commenting on the wiki. Blocks may be applied to user accounts, to IP addresses, and to ranges of IP addresses, for either a definite or an indefinite time. Blocked users can continue to access wiki, but cannot edit any page (including their own user pages), and even in most cases, their own user talk pages. This all depends on the type of block you have.

You may request a blocking of any users or tips if they consistently destroy the integrity and content of Video Game Wiki material. You may leave a message on the Admin's message wall and tell the reason of blocking. You must show the evidence of the user misbehaving and that user's username along with what they were doing. To make sure you don't get blocked, look at the Rules.

Blocking Duration 

Depending on the seriousness of the offence, the blocking duration is usually as followed. Admins will act on their discretion from case to case. For the chart, head to the Wiki Rules.

About Blocking

When you have found users committing the follow actions to the wiki, you may consider to request for blocking. Talk to an Admin about the person by telling them the trouble and username.


The comment section when you are blocked

Sometimes, a user may create or log into another user account they've created. This usually is unknown. Although, sometimes, the machine figures it out if you have logged into the blocked account then back to the unblocked one. You will not be able to edit and the comment section will look like this.

Comment section if your username was recently used by a blocked account

Types of Vandalism

  • Abusing multiple accounts
  • Incivility (rude comment / talk)
  • Inserting gibberish into pages
  • Spam
  • Unacceptable/ Inappropriate username
  • Vandalism
    • Disruptive writing
    • Intentionally inserting false information
    • Removing content from pages
    • Inappropriate words or phrases
  • Bullying or insulting people
  • Expose other people's personal information without permission
  • Violate Video Game Wiki Rules

Badge Farming

Badge Farming is when a user create unnecessary edits to earn achievements. Even though a user may delete the edits they made, it still might count. Continuing this will lead to a ban.(See above)


When a user is getting a warning, this will appear on their profile.
Hello, you have gotten a warning. That means you did something in violation of our rules
and now the lag is getting closer to your server! If you do it again you are blocked! Thank you!

Reason: None given

Chances: None given
If continued, it will look like this.
Hello, you have gotten a serious warning. That means you did something in an extreme violation of our Rules or are doing something
you got a warning for repeatedly and more lag is getting closer to your server! Behave or you will be blocked for {{{1}}}!
This is your last Warning!
If blocked, the proflie will look like this.

Hello, you have been blocked for
no reason given with an expiry time of none given. Next time, obey our Rules or you will be blocked longer.

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