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Rollback is both a wiki feature, and a user group to help fight against Vandalism. All users are able to revert an article to an earlier version, but users with rollback permission can have a fast, automated tool to help recover from major vandalism or any undesirable edits.

Also, rollbacks are given rights to delete inappropriate comments on pages. Any inappropriate or misleading comments can be deleted by rollbacks without notice of administrators in order to provide a safe and healthy environment for wiki users. Rollbacks also have some of the same tools as Custodians.

What are the rights of rollback?

They are granted with two rights:

  • Quickly rollback the edits of the last user who edited a particular page (rollback)
  • commentdelete (delete comments)

Rollback reverts all edits by the last contributor to the page to the last version not authored by that user. However, if a page is only authored by one user, rollback is impossible.

What are the expectations of rollback?

Rollbacks are the warriors standing in the front line of the war against vandalism.

  1. Being a rollback is not a trophy. You only get the tools that deal with issues easier.
  2. Revert articles from obvious vandalism.
  3. Delete spam or profane comments in the wiki when spotted.
  4. Issue polite reminders or even warnings to users who commit nonconstructive or destructive editing.
  5. Require extreme care and judgement before deleting comments and issuing warnings.
  6. Be friendly and answer any inquiries.
  7. Never involve in major vandalism or bans.

Important note to current rollbacks

Using rollback

Since rollback does not give the option to supply a custom edit summary, it is only to be used to revert spam or vandalism. Good-faith contributors may be deterred if their edits are rolled back. It is also preferable to view the difference between edits to verify that it was indeed a bad-faith attempt.

Deleting comments

Rollbacks and moderators may consider the following principles when deleting comments:

    • Assume good faith of users unless they have a bad record.
    • Comments causing public nuisance -> impact the integrity of wiki -> comment deletion.
    • Comments causing private nuisance (especially with from victim users) -> comment deletion.

However rollbacks and moderators can act on their discretion in case-by-case basis. If comments are deleted inappropriately, this could discourage new and inexperienced users to participate in the wiki. Therefore, please use the power with great care and judgement.

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