Wiki Rules

Warning! - Any unacceptable behavior can lead to indefinite ban.

Main Rules

  • Be nice to other users
  • Don't edit other user's user page.
  • Don't use inappropriate language. (Little bits here and there are fine)
  • Seriously please don't create spam pages or comments.

Wiki Offenses (Do The Opposite)

Tier One Offenses
Mild Warning
Edit wars and use different edit styles.
Repetitive edits to boost for achievement badges.
Add uncivil or intolerable words in signature, user-page, or article.
Tier Two Offenses
Extreme Warning
Bully or insult other users. (This wiki has zero tolerance for bullies)
Unnecessarily edit others' user pages.
Using inappropriate language or tell dirty jokes
Vandalize a page (Even if it's small)
Tier 3 Offenses
Immediate Ban
Delete 1 or more pages for fun/no reason
Use Large amounts of strong language
Bully a user severely.
Vandalize a page
Are a Rollback or Moderator and break many rules of the Wiki
Last Offense
Infinite Ban
If a user as a high user position (EX: rollback, admin, or custodian)

abuses the wiki.

If you are banned more than 2 times
You delete 2 or more pages for fun/no reason.
Vandalize severely or repeditaly
Bully a user severly or multiple times
Open different accounts for ban evasion

Staff Column Info

Staff Banning (If Staff breaks many rules)

Rollback/Moderator - Immediate demotion/Expulsion or banning.

Custodian - Immediate demotion/expulsion and banning

Admin/Bureaucrat - Immediate Expulsion and forever banned.

Staff Templates

If a user is causing trouble, type {{Warning}} on their wall.

Hello, you have gotten a warning. That means you did something in violation of our rules
and now the lag is getting closer to your server! If you do it again you are blocked! Thank you!

Reason: Type Here

Chances: Type Here

Before a ban, type {{Warning2}}

Hello, you have gotten a serious warning. That means you did something in an extreme violation of our Rules or are doing something
you got a warning for repeatedly and more lag is getting closer to your server! Behave or you will be blocked for Type Here!
This is your last Warning!

If banned

Hello, you have been blocked for
no reason given with an expiry time of none given. Next time, obey our Rules or you will be blocked longer.
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